Blog Unbound: Alien Rogue

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: A sci-fi tale. It takes some inspiration from the Species film series, while setting up for coming stories in the mythos. At the end of the twenty-first century, the story follows a pleasure mad alien scientist is trying in vein to prove he could traditionally mate with a Human. The natural incompatibilities led to the deaths of multiple Humans. A joint team of both races work to stop the scientist before he causes further harm … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

Alien Rogue

“All races understanding of sexual pleasure are capable of sexual addiction,” Liaran Tran sighed deeply. “Our love of pleasure might as well be addiction for your standards!” She was a Trianctan anthropologist of xeno-sexuality, especially interspecies sexuality. Liaran was in Human form, which was a common method of working with Humans. Though, it was growing less important to morph as such, because not only are they bipedal, but also capable of breathing Earth atmosphere. Humans were slowly learning to work with aliens in their natural state. Their explosion into the galactic community was almost a century ago, and it was complicated, to say the least. The Cosmic War was of chaos barely won by the then fragile Terran Alliance. So, Liaran’s morph was a kind of curtesy not unlike seen with the Insectoid race, whose name was as unpronounceable, thanks to much of their language being gestures.

“Obviously,” special agent Janice Smith. The blonde was as no nonsense as she was beautiful. “Thinkat’ri gave you high praise. I hope you deliver.”

“Your pronunciations are well practiced, Smith,” she complimented. Liaran’s Human form was of an athletic brunette, with painted blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. It was about as close to her true form as was possible. Indeed, her true physiology, not counting her sub-dermal, vocal sub-processor, was untouched under the false-skin. “I’d like to see the files. The ambassador did not tell me much.”

Smith handed over a tablet. “Three murders. We are doing our best to keep this subdued. Xenophobia is still a real thing with some Humans, I’m sure you know. If the media receives confirmation that a rogue alien has gone on a sexual killing spree, that may fuel that problem.” The Trianctans and Lionicians were the first official contact at the onset of the Cosmic War, the two races being neighbors in their star system a few lightyears away, while the Insectoids made unofficial contact prior with their anthropological research.

“Of course …” The images and reports she skimmed through were beyond disquieting to Liaran. “It’s unbelievable that Ghintiki San would go this far. He was clearly trying to mate with a Human, as these reports state. As you’ve seen, we are fully compatible with sexual pleasure — we can even do so in our true forms, but mating is a bit different. It’s the next step and level. For us, it’s the ultimate pleasure, but it won’t work between our races. There’s just no natural compatibility in that area, and that’s clearly why the murders look so brutal. Humans and Trianctans cannot combine their nervous systems, which enables our reproductive systems to create compatible reproductive material, ensuring a ninety percent success rate. The male reproductive member must be in direct contact with our ovaries. Direct contact with Human ovaries could be fatal. The fact that it seems so brutal in these reports is worrisome. Sure, we can physically handle it, but we usually aren’t so violent anymore. Being clean and caring is now the norm. We found that adds to the pleasure.”

“For whatever reason, he doesn’t see it that way. According to a woman that survived the assault, it seems that he came up with a theory that mating between our races is possible. Each victim is like an experiment. It’s comforting to hear that your mating practices aren’t normally like that.”

Ironically … those murder reports give a pretty good idea of how it works! It is not unlike how your ‘bedbugs’ mate, but don’t get the wrong idea. Like I said, we’ve found ways to make it nonviolent and beyond pleasurable. Infection should be the last thing any species wants after mating! He seems to think the old ways are the key. Sickening …” She shook her head.

“You knew him?” the agent deduced from both her reaction and them sharing the same field of interspecies sexual relations.

“… We never met, but it is possible he would remember me in my true form. I attended a lecture of his many years ago before I focused my studies. I was a little shy then, and didn’t speak with him after. However, his lecture on how the sexualized Glow of the Insectoids is compatible with other species is what influenced me to be the scientist I am … He is a role model for many, even after he began to specifically research interspecies mating, which is often not possible under natural circumstances.”

“But, it is possible?”

“Maybe, with the help of a science lab, depending on which two species are joining. Such research is often considered fridge science, sorry, fringe, but there have been successes between Trianctan and Lionician. Due to the rather invasive nature of my species’ mating practices, those successes were done by specifically extracting reproductive materials and artificially making them compatible, while the child was not carried by either parent. As you’ve clearly gathered, reproductive practices of my species has some ironically violent origins. Evolution helped us to realize how much we love pleasure, and that is what made our mating less, what’s the word, archaic.”

“Interesting, Liaran.” This discussion was how she always accepted members of her teams. Liaran was who she needed. “Are you ready to join my team?”

“Of course. Who will be joining us?”

“Agents Jack Barrows and Lisa Daniels will be joining us. We will all meet this afternoon to discuss what our mad scientist’s next steps will be.”

The not too young man walked to the briefing room rather groggy early the next morning. He was never much of a morning person, while he was hoping there would be coffee in the room. The moment he walked in, his heart skipped a beat. An utterly gorgeous woman he did not recognize sat at the table. Liaran found his reaction interesting, considering her assumption her Human shell was not necessarily any more attractive than Janice Smith’s body.

“This is Liaran Tran,” Janice introduced. “She is the Trianctan scientific advisor the embassy employed.”

“Oh, hello …” He extended his hand to the already standing alien in Human form. They shook, her handshake always a little stronger than average.

“You must be Jack Barrows,” Liaran greeted, affecting a pleasant smile. “I can see you really like the form I created for myself. In any other circumstance, I’d request an interview based on your reaction.”

“I would not say no …” Jack breathed, finding the inexplicable adrenaline rush was as good as the coffee he desired prior.

“Let’s get down to it,” Janice ordered flatly. She was never one to waste time. “Liaran is now as up to date as all of us.”

“Yes,” Liaran confirmed, sitting. “To be clear, I am not a psychologist, but I am an expert on sexuality, the good, the bad, the confused. Reading the reports fully suggests he has developed a shin-shoa, a psychological disorder. Now, my race’s love of pleasure is already akin to addiction for your race’s standards, but we are taught how to handle that from a young age. What he is exhibiting is what directly translates to Tolerance Loss, and more specifically the subcategory of Violent False-Need Mating. What that means is he has lost his ability to tolerate his need for sexual satisfaction, and became obsessed with mating. It is consuming him. This is not a common disorder, but it is known. Still, I believe it is the first known instance of it between us and Humans.”

“What do you suggest we do, Liaran?” the older yet still attractive blonde Lisa Daniels asked.

“I’m not sure, yet. However, as I’m sure is obvious, he never travels far from the previous victim. In his mental state, he wouldn’t want to. To be honest, it isn’t uncommon for my people to have sex daily when not working. Even though mating may only occur once in our life-cycle, it is still the ultimate pleasure. He has lost his ability to tolerate his sexual needs on the more extreme way: the need to mate. I doubt he will go more than a week since his last experiment. That should give us about three days now to predict where he will experiment next, based on the prior incidents.”

They all debated the possibilities for the mad scientist’s next moves. He seemed predictable. It wasn’t that he was trying to be caught. His consistent mating instincts were driving his deadly experiments, whether he knew it or not. After agreeing on a likely location, they decided to continue the silence on the issue. They had all the means of subduing him, but were sure more “competitors” would make his movements unpredictable.

The next day, the team found themselves in a quiet suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. It was both about thirty miles and southwesterly from the previous incident.

Liaran was in the hotel bar swiping through the files on her Paper Tablet uncomfortably in a secluded booth. No one deserved the consequences of such sexual mania. Sure, she loved sex — even wanted to mate once day, but loosing oneself to the pleasure, killing for it, was utterly wrong. It was such a shame Ghintiki, whose work inspired so many, would loose himself the way he did.

“Hey,” Jack greeted with two dark beers in hand. “I thought I’d keep you company. I know your people aren’t really solitary.”

She politely motioned for him to sit. “You sure alcohol is a good idea, Jack? He could arrive at any time.”

“It’s medicinal! I’m actually not sure if you drink …” He lightly pushed a glass toward her.

She picked it up with a smile. “In moderation.” She sipped. “Does about the same to us as you, but for different reasons.”

He gulped a large amount down. “To be honest, I’m not usually this forward with women. I’ve had a couple good girlfriends, but I’m terrible socially …”

“Well, I’m technically not a woman!” she teased, drinking down half the glass. “You do seem unusually drawn to me, Jack. I’ve had sex with Humans, but their attraction was like yours is with Lisa and Janice. Enough nudging, and I know you would happily have sex with them. You simply choose a friendly working relationship. This is not news to you; I can tell how self-aware you are.”

“I, uh, dunno …” he stumbled awkwardly. “Something … about you excites me.”

“I find you very interesting as well, Jack.” She gulped down her drink. “You remind me of some Lionicians I’ve met. They know the meaning of pleasure, but they tend to be held back. Wonderful people, but they never seem to understand why my people love sex so much. Still, I think you grasp the idea of why we both do.”

“Just a grasp,” he blurted, finishing his drink. Her way of talking was certainly a bit off understandably, but he more than understood, amazed at how easily his night will go were he thinks it will.

They ordered more drinks, and talked more. They talked a lot about sex, but also about themselves. Jack did hold a degree in anthropology, and stumbled into the Agency of Outworlder Affairs by accident. He started as an advisor, learning his detailed oriented mind was unmatched. Liaran stumbled around quite a bit herself before finding focus. Jack was someone that greatly enjoyed sexual activity, while he was often a bit shy about following that joy in real life. That was the alien concept to Liaran: desire unfulfilled. That concept was something she wanted to greatly to understand about Humans. Jack was finally fulfilling that.

“I just find it remarkable that Trianctan could consider themself shy!” Jack exclaimed, starting to feel the drinks.

“Oh, I did plenty of sex before I broke through that! Shy with my people means only on the social level. Engaging in sexual congress is as natural for us as us talking now. I understand how separating that is difficult to understand on you end, but that’s how it can be with us.”

“I don’t know. I think I’m just amazed we’re even able to understand each other at all!”

“I know what you mean, Jack! I am of the prevailing theory that, while not strictly universal, life and intelligence has common base elements. We survive, we eat, we mate. That alone has a distinct effect on intelligent beings. Then there’s pleasure. Not universal either, but incredibly common a concept. The prevailing theory there is that sex for pleasure allows for both natural birth control and natural enjoyment for mating. For pleasure loving species, mating is a form of sexual intercourse. All combined, those are perfect evolutionary advantages.”

“Your people really embrace it, though … You said daily sex?”

“Not uncommon. I’m working, so I can overlook my sexual needs a bit … You would like to make love with me, but are too shy to admit it …?”

“Uh … wow … You really know how to read Humans!” he indirectly confirmed.

“Humans are easy to read!” she laughed in a oddly resonating way, finishing her latest drink. “I think we’re a little drunk. The reason alcohol affects us like you is because it affects our arousal in unusual ways. The world spins, because I want sex just that much more.”

Jack smiled groggily, not fully processing her statement.

Liaran surprised him with a quick yet sensual kiss. “Come on, Jack. We both have desires to be fulfilled. How is a good way to phrase in your English? … Tension and alcohol is high. We both need a good fuck.”

Jack and Liaran drunkenly stumbled into the cabana. Liaran always found it fascinating how alcohol made her kind so incredibly horny, while they might as well be horny all the time!

They fell onto the bed, Jack feeling and kissing the female with more want that he ever felt.

Liaran cooed happily, before stating, “I, err, should warn you I may revert somewhat to my true form. No danger, URGUH … just want you tah be aware …”

Jack felt her shapely face with his fingertips, and asked, “I’d bet you’re beautiful in your true form …”

“Uh …” she started with an inexplicable awkwardness. “My people tend to all be attractive between ourselves. It ads to the pleasure …”

“I wanna make love with the real you, Liaran …” he requested groggily.

“Easily done, Jack. I’ve done it before. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the pleasure. You just need to follow my directions. It’s a bit more, well, intimate than Humans are used to.”

“Please …”

She nodded, and crawled off the bed. She opened her bag to set up a hypo-spray. She began to change almost the moment she injected herself. At least to his eyes, her skin darkened to a deep purple and thickened, resembling an exoskeleton. Like her still present, albeit darkened, vagina, a series of four further holes, covered by a think layer of skin, appeared on her sides toward her back. Her hair came together in tenticle-like locks. Her eyelids received, while she blinked again with her inner eyelids, as her eyes became catlike jewels.

“Shit!” Jack exclaimed amazed. “I didn’t expect you to still look kinda feminine in Human eyes …”

“The curse of a bigender race,” she said rather lightly. “… I would remove the subvocal processor, but I don’t want to hurt your ears. Our vocalizations are geared very high for your standards. We can get ultrasonic!”

“Oh, so considerate!” he teased, while the alien sexually crawled back onto the bed.

“During sex, my people’s bodies might as well be for nothing else. My skin becomes highly sensitized, with my lips and nipples more so. Every hole you see is far more sensitive than any Human vagina. Connection of nervous systems during mating is simply achieved forcing our appendages deeper than they would otherwise. Lucky for me, Humans have enough appendages to satisfy just enough holes. Oh, and our tongues get rather erect and sensitive in our already sensitized mouths. My nipples will do that, too, if you’re curious.”

Jack tenderly touched the alien skin, which was now softer, more supple in spite of its hard appearance. She happily cooed in encouragement. Curious as she expected, Jack began to feel and suck on the full breasts. There was no word for how they tasted, but they certainly didn’t taste bad. Cooing loudly, the nipples grew forward a few inches, and looked similar to her “hair.” Embracing the weirdness, Jack excitedly sucked off each in turn, causing what sounded like little orgasms from Liaran.

“Ohyanini!” she exclaimed happily in her language. “I always love it when Humans realize they know the universal language of pleasure!”

Mounting, he easily slid his solid member into the strangest pussy he ever felt, making her practically orgasm in delight. It was like no Human pussy, not that he could compare it to very many. It was warm and infinitely smooth. There was no moisture, yet its texture negated the need for any lubricant. He thrust slowly, passionately, enjoying how different it felt.

At the same time, Jack leaned downward, and began to tease her hypersensitized lips with his tongue and own lips. Learning to read emotion from her alien eyes, Jack realized she loved that attention.

Liaran then guided his hands to the holes on her sides. Understanding, Jack worked his hands into two of them on either side. He just slipped right into them. Based on the feel, they were practically a larger version of the hole his penis now enjoyed. He moved his encased hands and thrust his hips into the orgasmic being, before he excitedly made out with her. Their tongues joyously explored their mouths. Her spit was unlike anything, but he already came to love the taste of her. Then, Liaran’s tongue began to grow into a nearly five inch member, with Jack finding himself happily sucking it off wide eyed.

Through the joyous pleasure, Jack understood how much more intimate this was compared to normal Human sex. They were inside each other in more ways than any Human could achieve. Though their nervous systems were not connected, Jack could somehow feel and hear that Liaran was near to a kind of superorgasm.

They held each other tightly, deeply, intimately. Her side pleasure-holes grew warmer around his hands. Liaran suddenly exploded in a thick, wet blast of ultimate pleasure. Her holes squirt thick juice outward, as her thick tongue squirt the same juice down his throat. The feel of it all made him explode into her in the most powerful orgasm of his life.

Jack soon lay next to Liaran in utter amazement. He examined this thick slime all over and inside them them, finally realizing how utterly different it all was. The flavor of the slime was not gross in any way — if there was a word for it, but it was all that thick texture. “OK …” he breathed.

“Oh, yeah,” she breathed, stroking his slimed cheek with her sinuous fingers. “Forgot to mention the ejaculate.” She laughed in strangely high, resonant tones. “Should wash right off. It helps to disinfect and purify. A lot can get exposed!” She scooped up Jack’s escaping cum from her crotch, and lapped it off her fingers. “Human cum is better every time I taste it … Ummm.”

“Just … so much …” he said amazed, fidgeting the alien slime with his fingers.

“Means we did well together, I think … The evolution of it isn’t my field, but my species is known to sexually go all the way. Mating traditionally does occur after regular sex, if mating is intended. Of course, even that ejaculate doesn’t guarantee complete disinfection during mating …”

“What’s the matter, Liaran?” He could see an odd change in her cat-eyes, while she just went oddly quiet.

“Ch’hiar …” Liaran muttered under her breath.


“Loosely translates to shit. An option just became clear to me in this afterglow. I should become his next experiment.”

“Are you sure!?”

“Let’s clean ourselves up, get on my Human suit, and discuss it with everyone else …”

“So what’s this all about, Liaran?” Janice asked. They all sat in Janice’s cabana.

“I should become the next Human mating experiment,” she said flatly.

“It’s a crazy idea, Liaran!” Janice exclaimed.

“I agree,” Lisa stated, “but she does know more about this than we do.”

Janice sighed. “What’s your plan, Liaran?”

“He will likely find another Human woman before we apprehend him. She may not survive, even if we interrupt, but I may. While we love pleasure even more than you, mating is the ultimate pleasure for us, as I’ve told you. Its starts with regular sex, but wait until we are mating. Assuming I do trick him, you may have to take me down, too, once we our both completely enamored by the mating. You should also know that it may be very dangerous when you interrupt for all of you and myself. He will want to attack you instinctually to protect me, I may join him in attacking you, instinctually wanting to protect him, or he may attack all of us if he realizes I led you to him. That is why mating is very private and considered amongst my people, unlike regular sex. Do not hesitate to shoot. If I am in the way, don’t hesitate in shooting me to get to him. Is that clear?”

“He’ll find out you’re not Human pretty quickly, Liaran,” Jack stated with great concern. He scratched his ear, awkwardly feeling a remaining drop of her ejaculate.

“All he wants to do is mate. It’s directed toward Humans, but by the time he realizes we’re the same species, neither of us will have much of a desire to stop. It will be up to you to apprehend, to sedate.”

“This is my field medic experience talking, Liaran,” Lisa stated with concern. “I’ll need you to to walk me through the damage you’ll receive. If it will be anything like the Human victims, I need to know exactly what I need to do to repair you now.”

“Of course. Scan my body, and I’ll show you what to unfortunately expect once Janice agrees.” She affected a smile, and said sarcastically, “Clean mating really does save us a lot on doctor bills!”

“All right, Liaran,” Janice stated, all but admitting how desperately she wanted to end this. “We’ll keep our distance …”

It was nearly a day later when Liaran finally recognized the scientist she once greatly expected at the hotel bar. She wore a form fitting blouse and blue pants. This was the tricky part. She needed to “slowly” be seduced like a Human, while not revealing her highly sexual nature. A shortcut quickly came to her: buy him a strong drink. Traditionally, she knew the Human male would buy, but that social norm is long faded. It was unlikely he would be suspicious.

She was almost nervously fighting with the red cherry in her drink when Ghintiki walked over with the Scotch in hand.

“You like is strong?” he asked with a sly smile.

“I, uh, I never do that …”

“Buy a guy a drink?” he quietly laughed, trying to hide the less than Human tones. He sat across from her. “You’re the traditional type?”

“I think I’m the drunk type!” she said lightly. Liaran knew she spoke English with a subtle awkwardness, so she tried to keep her dialogue short.

He gulped down half the glass, visibly becoming more aroused. “Good … If you’re bored, I can show you how my room here is better than yours.”

“You move fast, don’t you? I don’t even know your name …”

“Don’t know yours either!” he quipped, actively looking her over. He finished his drink. “Want some nameless fun?”

She extended her hand. “I’ll invent a name for it.”

In a false-gentlemanly way, he took her hand, and pulled her out of the booth. A few minutes later, they were in his bland room.

Liaran half-expected some kind of recording equipment or tables or something, but it quickly became clear to her that all that mattered to him was obtaining a successful mating with a Human.

He suddenly grabbed her tightly, kissing her deeply, sensually. It felt really good, arousing for the sex loving Liaran. The team was likely on its way already, but a mad fuck with the madder mad scientist was certain to create the successful trap.

They fell onto the bed, and he literally ripped their clothes off. Even in the falsely Human eyes, she could see his sexual madness. Just before the mortal terror of the situation hit her, his massive member implied her lower hole, causing an instant orgasm. He seemed surprised, but did not really care. He began to thrust forcibly, hungrily. The false Human shell quickly melted away, as did hers.

Now he noticed Liaran’s true nature, but they both knew it was too late to stop. Indeed, he forced his long head tentacles into her side holes. Through the mind numbing, orgasmic pleasure, she instinctually penetrated his holes with her tentacles. Their sensitized lips, mouths collided, and their tongues grew and twirled around each other. Massive amounts of ejaculate suddenly spewed out of both of them, practically cocooning the intertwined in slime.

Liaran then felt his tentacles almost painfully pushing deeper into her.

‘Oh, fuck, what am I doing?’ she thought frantically in her native language. ‘Where are they!?’

Then she felt it. The tentacles went past the point of no return. Waves of almost painful pleasure began to flow through her. She could feel his pleasure.

‘Oh, no … oh, wow … I don’t …Concentrate, Liaran! They’re coming! I’M CUMING!’

The painful pleasure waves caused massive, slime spewing orgasms out of her.

“CHITA’NI!” she screamed, essentially telling him she was ready to go all the way. Liaran then consciously Pushed her tentacles deeper into Ghintiki. She felt it the moment he began to spew more goo himself. Their nervous systems were starting to synchronize, merge. Epic waves of mating pleasure flowed through them in waves of epic orgasm.

Ghintiki then shifted them to their sides, and removed his member-tentacle from her lower hole. His claws visibly grew. In a bright flash of pain through the endless pleasure, he ripped her open just above the stomach, exposing her reproductive organ, and thrust his thick member into it.

The epic pleasure of it all subsided with the violent incursion, but all she wanted was seed being created within him. She could actually feel that seed being created just for them. He thrust widely, excitedly. Any expected care on Ghintiki’s part was not there, distinctly tainting what little pleasure was left. This was no longer the mating she dreamed; it was too late for even her to care.

“LIARAN!” a familiar voice screamed in the distance.

Liaran turned her head to see Jack and the others, tranquilizer guns in hand.

“We don’t have a clear shot!” he screamed, the sight deeply disturbing him.

Confused yet instinctual, Liaran threw Ghintiki off her, forcing the two to painfully decouple. She stood before them for a moment, Ghintiki slowly pushing though the shock. She then lunged at the shocked Jack, forcing him onto the floor. His gun practically disappeared from his hand. He felt like a toothpick in a large hand.

Multiple shots were fired, and he found himself the unconscious, surprisingly heavy, and heavily injured Liaran in his arms …

Liaran’s eyes slowly focused on the light above her. She could perceive the lowest bands of ultraviolet, and always enjoyed how playfully danced off the Human made source. For a moment, she wanted it all to be dream. It was a nightmare mating. Remembering how she wanted it made her sick, made worse by how she wanted to kill Jack to protect a murderer.

She lightly felt the violated spot between the stomach and chest. Ironically, her thick skin wasn’t much thinner there. Sarah did an excellent job patching her up, and a scar was unlikely. Her people did evolve to be capable of surviving a mating. She could feel that it was unsuccessful. That did not alleviate the regret of it.

It was made worse by how there was no love in it. Love. Yes. There was real love in her life, and she now had the time to process who that was.

She turned her head to see the devastated Jack walk into the room. She smiled brightly with her catlike jewels, sitting up to greet him.

Jack automatically hugged her tightly. “We got him. Your people will hold him until one of our judges decides how to best conduct a trial …”

Though such affection was a prelude to sex for her race, she new it was often just affection and comfort for his. For the first time in her life, comfort was what she needed.

“I love you,” she admitted quietly in his ear. She pulled back. “I’m so sorry I attacked you, Jack. I recognized you, but could only see you as a threat … If I knew how I felt about you right then … Love is so much more important …”

“I blame myself, Liaran. You told us to shoot you, too. I hesitated, because love can be difficult for Humans to process rationally, especially in the moment it’s realized … I love you so much …”

“I know, Jack.” They kissed deeply.

“I won’t be able to mate with you …”

“Not today or tomorrow, but maybe after. Love like ours will drive scientists to make it possible without violence, Jack. What we have is beyond mere pleasure.”


This month’s story!

Wednesday, Nov 30, will see the next blog unbound!

Title: Alien Rogue

Mythos: Sci-Fi

Synopsis: At the end of the twenty-first century, a pleasure mad alien scientist is trying in vein to prove he could traditionally mate with a Human. The natural incompatibilities led to the deaths of multiple Humans. A joint team of both races work to stop the scientist before he causes further harm.

Tags: Transformation, male-female sex


On a related note, the cover for Cosmic Glow should be up by next week. Been busy! Alien Rogue is set in the same universe as Cosmic Glow, while this mythos will be told nonlinearly.

Blog Unbound: Cosmic Glow

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: A sci-fi tale. Malinda, a being from far away, came to study Humans, and learned more than she expected … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

Cosmic Glow

“So living together and marriage isn’t that important here?” Malinda asked innocently. She had black hair, dark eyes, and light but not too light skin. She claimed to be from South Africa, and affected a convincing accent. However, that was quite far from the truth. She was what was best described as an anthropologist, while she was from a world many lightyears away.

“Depends on were you are!” Jack responded.

Linda tenderly grasped his arm. “But we are getting married soon, Jack!”

They sat in the cafeteria having lunch on Friday. While the two had lunch together for a long time, Malinda only joined them for the past week. All three were from different departments, while it was merely the coincidence the three all had lunch together. Malinda, whose real name was similar, did find the two interesting subjects.

“I guess South Africa’s a conservative place!” Jack said lightly.

“Depends on where you are, Jack,” she pleasantly smiled. She glanced at her watch. “Well, maybe we could continue this after work?”

“OK!” Linda agreed. The fish out of water backstory worked very well for her on Earth, while Jack would follow Linda into a blackhole.

“Uh … Riker’s Bar is just down the street,” Jack offered somewhat uncomfortably. “Been a while since I’ve been to a bar …”

“You have no idea how shy this guy is, Malinda!” she teased.

Malinda smiled pleasantly. She always had good instincts whenever she chose subjects. Yes, they coincidentally met during corresponding lunch breaks, but she saw something special with them. As already partly confirmed, they weren’t atypical Humans, but they also gave her a strong insight into that. Atypical wasn’t what she really wanted, while it was a mandatory baseline. She was one of the best researchers in her field, no matter how modest she was back home!

The alien researcher made her way to the bar after work. In an effort to appear unwound and attractive, she unbuttoned her blouse to show off almost half her cleavage. Though certainly not the case for every Human, Jack and Linda should respond positively to casual and attractive. Her next data points required her to observe Humans in more natural surroundings. Humans often don’t respond well to strangers peeping in their widows — Jack and Linda were no exception, so the direct approach was required.

Linda and Jack were already lightly chatting at the bar with red wine before them. It wasn’t particularly busy that night, but it was enough to speak up a bit. They flagged Malinda over, saving a seat for her. Malinda hung her black purse and sleek black overcoat over that stool’s backrest. To no surprise to the researcher, Jack instantly noticed her more visible cleavage, but to the researcher’s fascinated surprise, Linda clearly noticed as well. She also strategically sat in a way that pulled her dress upward, better exposing her long, firm legs. Again, to her fascination, they both noticed.

The bartender walked over to the new customers.

“Oh, I’ll just do a lager. Don’t think you’ve got any of the brands I’m used to!” She wasn’t really lying. Her world had their version of alcohol, but it was more than doubtful she would find it at a Human bar!

“So what kind of beer do you like where your from, Malinda?” Linda asked.

“Well, I don’t drink that much, but I’m partial to that Windhoek Lager,” she replied casually, having done her homework on South Africa. Malinda sipped the beer presented to her. “Close enough!”

“Good!” Jack lightly laughed.

They talked more about their lives, their company, while comparing countries. It was good, informative for Malinda. She was going deeper into Jack and Linda’s personal lives. It said that her friendship with them was growing. An excellent data point!

They ordered another round, while Jack offered to pick up the whole tab. Malinda calculatedly didn’t accept at first, but relented. They talked more, and finished their drinks.

“Hey, Jack,” Linda playfully nudged, “ask her to come over for dinner.”

He smiled at his love. “All right.” He turned to Malinda. “Hungry?”

“I guess, sure.”

“Linda tells me I’m not a bad cook,” Jack stated. “We’d be happy to have you.”

“Oh, sure.” Malinda did enjoy Human food, but that may be out of her holding a Human form. “Honestly, I don’t normally impose …”

“It’s fine, Malinda,” Linda assured, while friendlily placing her hand on Malinda’s taut hip. “I get the impression you don’t do much in that apartment!”

“No,” Malinda shrugged in confirmation. “Lead the way, I guess!”

They made their way to the city’s subway. It was noisy, so they couldn’t talk very much. About half an hour later, they were at the edge of the city, and made their way to Jack and Linda’s sedan. The two were logically carpooling ever since they started living together. And five minutes later, they made it to the modest house.

They took Malinda’s jacket, and offered her to sit, along with a glass of wine. “Thank you for inviting me here. I didn’t expect this …” That was true. Inviting such a new friend over from work didn’t seem all that common. Sure, Malinda wanted to be invited into their home, but not so quickly.

“Are all South Africans so sheepish!” Jack teased.

“Not all Americans are assholes!”

Malinda smiled, and sat on the couch, crossing her long legs.

“We never get to host friends, and you always seemed so out of place here,” Linda stated.

Malinda smiled, and took the large glass of red wine. “Well, thank you all the same.” She always assumed she would be out of place, so the trick was always to find a logical excuse for that, allowing her to be more relaxed whenever that observation was made.

“Well, any food allergies, Malinda?” he asked lightly.

“Err, no.” While not always the case on these expeditions, Human food proved palatable, more or less.

“Great! I’ll be in the kitchen if you guys need me.”

“He really does like cooking,” Malinda observed. Her research indicated that the “classic” construct was for a female to do the cooking and housework. However, that was obviously waining for decades for many Human cultures.

“Cooking is his best kept secret! I all but asked him to marry me the first time he cooked for me.”

Drinking the wine, the two talked more about their lives. Malinda liked to think she was a great fabricator of backstories, but there were limits. It was always hard to not sound like some textbook. She grudgingly admitted that the alcohol aided in the believability, knowing Humans. They indeed were working down the bottle (Jack snuck in for a glass once or twice). Linda eventually noticed how well Malinda held her liquor. Malinda was fairly sure that was thanks to the serum that made her temporarily Human, more or less. Still, it was far from one-hundred percent. Malinda shrugged it off, and Linda had no obvious suspicions.

They soon sat down in the dining room for dinner. It was seasoned, breaded chicken, with shedder mashed potatoes, and broccoli. They talked more, and drank more.

“Shit,” Malinda said, rubbing her eyes. “I think I’m really drunk …” It was an unexpected but worthwhile data point.

“That’s OK, we are too,” Linda laughed.

“Couldn’t hold that liquor forever, I guess!”

“Malinda, if you wanna stay the night, it’s perfectly fine with us,” Jack offered.

“I guess so. I didn’t even drive here! … Was this your evil plan?”

They laughed.

“Of course not, Malinda,” Linda answered honestly. “I expected to be driving you back to the station after we were done. We got a guest room, so it’s not a big deal.”

Malinda helping, the three of them set up the guest room. They all agreed to turn in early to sleep off the wine. Not long after, Malinda removed her tablet to record her experiences of the day.

She was having a little trouble writing and seeing from the alcohol. Her nightly serum shot should take care of that, but she needed to record how she personally felt in comparison to the observations of her hosts.

Not long before she finished, her eyes felt very funny, while her skin became tingly. Malinda was reverting to her alien form. Still, she wasn’t finished with her log. Being an oxygen breather regardless, she removed her clothes. Her natural form wasn’t exactly going to fit the Human attire.

By the time she finished, Malinda was about ten percent of the way to her real self. Her eyes were a strong red with black dots, skin hardening into a scaly exoskeleton, and grew almost a foot taller. She missed seeing with her own eyes, which traded violets for inferred. So, she was in no rush to prepare the serum. She lay back, stretching, and looked at the bumpy plaster ceiling.

Suddenly, there was a nock on the door, and it opened. Malinda jumped up on the bed to see a shocked Linda, who was innocently checking on her guest before going to bed. She wasn’t a host very often, while she certainly didn’t expect her guest to spend the night. And now …

“Uhh … Linda, just stay calm,” she said as disarmingly as she could with her true, resonating voice.

“I think I drank too much,” she slurred quietly, wide eyed. “I did drink too much …”

Before Linda turned away, the enlarged Malinda stood, and guided her to the bed.

Malinda sat next to her calmly. This was always a probable issue, which she normally did not have. The alcohol was the variable, which may be an advantage at this point. Loose procedures were long in place. “Linda,” she resonated. “Alcohol is not a hallucinogenic. I am not Human. Now, I cannot erase your memories, even if I wanted to. I can, however, make you go to sleep. I will do that. There will be no cliches here, Linda. Tomorrow, I will fully explain myself. If you and Jack are willing, my relationship with you both does not have to end at this point. I chose you and Jack, because you are both very rational minded. Please, prove that to me.”

Malinda was in utter disbelief.

Linda shuffled through her purse, and removed a patch. “I’ll briefly place this on your neck for you to sleep calmly tonight. It may alleviate the hangover, too …”

Back in full Human form and yesterday’s outfit, Malinda sat patiently on the couch that morning. She thought very carefully about what she was going to say to her hosts. The danger to her was obvious. If her next words and actions were not alleviating, there was a high probability she would be trapped and prodded by less than rational Humans. Plus, she promised that there would be no cliches!

Linda and Jack walked into the living room in their night clothes. Jack seemed confused, while Linda still in disbelief, albeit less debilitatingly.

“Linda said you had something to tell us …?”

“Yes, I do. You were definitely not dreaming last night, Linda,” she said as passively as possible, cross legged. Any intelligent species is capable of poor judgement in uncertainty and ignorance. Being passive, she hoped, would help calm her Human hosts.

“You’re really not Human?” Linda asked uncomfortably.

“I am not. My real form won’t exactly terrify you any more than a deep sea fish, but I can’t exactly walk around looking like that!” she smiled. Her speech still had the same overall inflections as before. Basically, that was how she taught herself English.

They sat on the love seat next to the couch.

Seeing them still confused, she continued, “I am what is synonymous to your cultural anthropologists. I am one of many exo-species researchers from my world. You can find many intelligent beings in this part of the galaxy once you learn how to manipulate wormholes or whatever the method. There is no planned conquering or abductions. Even your species is starting to learn that war isn’t always good economics!”

“This is crazy …” Jack said shaking his head.

Linda put her hand on his forearm. “I did see her last night, Jack …”

“Yes. I was partly reverted to my real form. I have a serum that makes me physically Human, mostly. I wanted to take notes on the intoxication experience, along with your hospitality. I think I held my liquor pretty well a for a faux-Human! Still, not well enough. My impaired judgment allowed me to procrastinate on my daily serum that makes me look normal to you.”

“Then I walked in …” Linda said quietly.

“Yes,” Malinda sighed. “One of the reasons why I chose you was because you were both very even headed. So, on the off chance you caught me, you wouldn’t turn me into the next alien autopsy video.”

“No cliches …” Linda reiterated.

“It’s up to you to keep it that way,” Malinda stated seriously.

“You were right, Malinda,” Jack said amazed. “I don’t think we’re gonna call anyone. We did let you in, and I certainly don’t remember you shoving an ovipositor in me!”

“That’s not quite we do it!” Malinda laughed.

“I guess I’m just unhappy we really don’t know who you are …” Linda said.

“In these cases, I am allowed to let the research go both ways, provided you don’t reveal me to anyone else. For many intelligent species, including yours I hope, being fully truthful now may be redemptive.”

“All right, so what’s next?” Jack asked.

“Well, as I said, a lot of that is up to you. I’ll answer any question truthfully on your end, and if you’re willing, you can help me with my last data points.”

Linda asked, “So, what do you really look like, Malinda?  … Oh! That is really your name, is it?”

“Malinda is close enough to the first part of my real name. Our names are rather long winded, and are difficult for even us to pronounce sometimes. And, my real form shouldn’t freak you out, as long as you stay calm. I will let myself revert fully for you two tonight to satisfy your curiosity. Your air is thin for my real lungs, but I should be fine. Just close the curtains.”

“What’s your last data points?” Linda asked.

“Human sexuality.”

“You want us to have sex … while you watch?” Jack asked, more intrigued than he wanted to admit.

“Yes,” Linda stated. “For you, knowing I was there is probably better than the alternative. I knew this was going to be a difficult data point, but knowing who I really am may be beneficial.”

“Jack doesn’t want to admit it, but you watching isn’t that big a deal to him. Have you studied our internet? Our generation is programed to be voyeurs and exhibitionists!”

“Fascinating!” Malinda exclaimed.

“Well,” Jack started awkwardly. “How do you guys, uh, do it?”

Malinda smiled. “The ideas are the same, and there may even be compatibility between us with caution and improvisation. Like you and many other species, we have sex for both pleasure and procreation. I ascribe to the theory that it is evolutionarily advantageous, and why so many have it as pleasurable. Makes you like mating, gives a means of psychological relief, and even a natural path toward birth control. Anyway, we have three biological genders, and a fluid sexuality, meaning we typically can feel attraction to any gender. Our extremities are our source of most pleasure. I can better show you tonight. The female gender, to best describe in your terms, is the one that holds the young, and is given the seeds through a normally closed oreface from behind. The male may provide that seed, as well as our third gender, which is very loosely synonymous to what you may call intersex. It is a pleasurable experience, but like I said, the pleasure is best in the extremities.”

“Does your intersex look both male and female?”

“No. I will best explain when you see my true form, which is female. The intersex gender originally initiated sexual relations between the other two. While tradition dictates that’s still true, most biological components of that faded over many millennia, probably due to developing sexual fluidity.”

“I think we better have breakfast before this becomes too much!” Jack stated.

“Sure! I really do enjoy your food, at least in your form. My race tends to consume mostly sugar rich liquids!”

They talked most of the day about each other, their races. Humans and Malinda’s race appeared to have more similarities than differences, at least in concepts. They talked about everything from society to sex. Indeed, Linda revealed that she was bisexual, which was something she would only reveal if asked. Malinda was consistently fascinated by how Humans sometimes fail to embrace a less than black and white sexuality, while that causes others like Linda to be quiet about it.

During dinner, they began to talk about Malinda’s real form.

“To be honest,” Malinda stated, “we’re definitely more akin to your insects, not that there’s any Earth genetic line that matches exactly. Perhaps the mosquito lineage may be roughly synonymous, but I’m no geneticist! Exoskeleton, ectothermic, compound retinas (evolved from compound eyes), four limbs like you, eight digits on what are synonymous to hands, and twelve largely vestigial digits on the feet. That’s the overall idea of what you’ll see later. There are very distinct gender differences. Intersex tends to be the largest, followed by females, and males, while males have what you might call an ovipositor.”

“You said your extremities are where you feel pleasure?” Linda asked curiously, sipping at her wine.

“Yes. Our hands and feet. There are nerve bundles that must be stimulated to start the pleasure. I’ll just show you later. There’s a good chance you’ll be receptive to the pleasure of my race. Ninety percent of the time, it has been found that races that also derive pleasure from sex are compatible through pleasure. As far as I know, there are no natural means for procreation between races as different as ours, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything on my end. No diseases could be transferred, even if any of us had any! Gotta be in peak condition for space travel, you know.”

Linda finished her third glass, and asked, “So on observing us making love …”

“Oh, I can actually mask myself so you won’t see me in a darkened room, if that’s more comfortable for you.”

“We’d still know you’re there …” Jask said awkwardly, turning to Linda.

“It’s all right, Jack,” Linda said before giving him a deep smooch. “I didn’t plan on sex this weekend, but I know you’re much more interested in this than you’re putting on!”

“Well, I guess, yeah …” he admitted with a subtle chuckle. “Are you OK with it?”

Linda pulled him in for a deep kiss, with just a touch of tongue, which she knew would drive him wild. “What do you think?” She turned to the alien masquerading as a gorgeous women, and said sultrily, “Enjoy, you sexy mosquito!”

Linda kissed Jack even more deeply, before they made their way to the bedroom. Linda was showing a bit more dominance sexually, and that fascinated Malinda, who knew it could go either way or even equally.

They soon made it to the bedroom, lips rarely leaving their lover, and pealed off their clothes in a controlled voraciousness. They wanted each other as much as they wanted the moment to last. Very stealthily, Jack rolled on a condom, and the two rolled onto the half made bed.

At first, Jack was leading on top with slow passionate thrusts. They moaned and cooed happily. But soon, Linda flipped him to his back to lead herself. On her knees, feeling her sensitive breasts, she thrust her hips sensuously. While Jack was lost in loving pleasure, Linda ever so subtly looked back to their curious guest with a smirk. Lips and tongue soon intertwined, and they lovingly came together.

Jack and Linda lay next to each other, lightly petting in the afterglow.

“Loving enough for ya?” Linda breathed toward Malinda.

Malinda happily walked over to the bed. “That was very good. Much can happen from there, I can tell … Would you two mind … something more?”

More?” Jack asked curiously, glancing at Linda.

“I’d like to experience pleasure in Human form, if you two are willing,” she said bluntly, hands fidgeting with her buttons.

“I’m OK with it, as long as Jack is. We’ve gone this far, right?”

Jack nodded with an odd, ever so lustful smile.

Linda lovingly kissed Jack, before stealing the first kiss with the amazed Malinda. “I hope I’m not too rusty, Malinda! Haven’t had sex with a woman in more than a while.”

“That was a hell of a kiss!” Malinda exclaimed, quickly unbuttoning her blouse.

“Kiss her, Jack. Don’t be shy!” Linda offered.

Jack somewhat tepidly began to make out with the wanting Malinda. After a few moments, he quite aggressively began to wrestle with her tongue.

“Wow!” Malinda exclaimed happily. “Human lust seems to rival our own!”

With Linda’s help, Malinda’s clothes were a distant memory. Out of habit, Jack began to replace his condom, but Malinda convinced him it won’t be necessary by a single touch.

“Oh, Jack, let me taste her first!” Linda requested excitedly. “You know how holistic I am with women!”

Without resistance, Jack let Linda explore the faux-woman. She liked women more than Jack! She kissed and licked down Malinda’s taught, quivering body, paying special attention to the full breasts. She moved downward with her mouth hands and tongue, teasingly avoiding the warm pussy, while savoring the well toned legs. Eventually, she drooled all over Malinda’s feet.

Hooo … I would’ve exploded if those were my real feet! You’re amazing, Linda,” Malinda deeply complimented.

Linda then kissed and licked her way down to Malinda’s now moist pussy, and consumed.

“Oh, wow … ERRRGUH …” Malinda cooed. “Fucking get over here, Jack!” she requested excitedly.

Jack and Malinda happily, deeply kissed, while Linda started to finger the pussy. In the moment, Jack straddled Malinda’s open mouth, offering his solid member. Sucking on extremities her thing, Malinda figured out what to do rather quickly. She consumed the whole member unabashedly, bobbing her head. Being a bit different from what she was used to, it took a few moments to adapt, but when she did, her mouth was bliss. At the same time, Linda ground her dripping pussy on Malinda’s warm leg. They all moaned and grunted all but in time. It was good that Jack started after his lover, because Malinda was sucking better than any woman he knew! Distinctly out of sync, they came joyously one after the other.

They soon lay next to each other with Malinda in the middle, feeling the afterglow.

Seeing Malinda licking her lips and wiping cum off her face, jack apologized, “Sorry … I usually give a warning …”

“That’s OK, Jack!” Malinda said, subtly gurgling cum. “We can do similar things where I’m from!”

“Looked like a hell of a blowjob!” Linda teased. She was a little surprised she was all right with that.

“You two are wonderful,” Malinda complimented. “With all the excitement, I should be reverting in at least an hour. Should be enough to catch our breath …”

The hour passed quickly. Jack and Linda were excited and nervous to see Malinda in her true form. Malinda assured them that they wouldn’t be terrified “like in the movies,” but it was something neither of them ever saw.

Without a word, Malinda laid back, and slowly began to change. While growing ever so slowly, her skin began to calcify, and turn lightly green. Her eyes turned red all around, while the black dot at the center began to bud off into more dots. She brushed her almost scaly hands along her scalp, pushing off the hair in a single mass, and putting it aside. She was already seven feet at least, taller than her hosts. Her white teeth than began to fuse into a single bone, and nose and ears partly recessed into her head. Fingers elongated, as extra toes appeared. When she was done, she certainly looked positively insectoid, while her light green exoskeleton looked almost like interlocking armor. External eyelids gone, she blinked using an inner eyelid.

To Linda and Jack’s amazement, Malinda really did look a little like an Earth mosquito, albeit wingless and massive! If one stretched their definition of female to the extreme, that’s what one would see, while her breast-like chest certainly helped. It also helped that they both saw her transform, and that she said she was a female of her race.

“So much for little green men …” Jack breathed. He was overwhelmed, but as he was told to expect, he wasn’t exactly terrified.

“Men can be as small as you in my race, Jack,” Malinda teased in deep resonating tones. Her deep green lips appeared to still be something synonymous to skin.

“You use vibrations to speak, like us …” Linda observed.

“Never said I wouldn’t! To be honest, you’re verbal language is actually more complicated than mine. We rely more heavily on physical expression,” she said while waving her hands. Ironically, she was yet to fully master physical expression of Humans, it not necessarily consistent. “Now, to show you my race’s pleasure. In your terms, I’ll be masturbating, to be blunt. I first need to stimulate the appropriate nerve clusters, then all you need to do is watch.”

Jack and Linda watched intently, occasionally glancing at each other. On her apparent wrists, she fingered under the hard exterior, doing essentially the same thing at her apparent ankles with her toes. She soon began to rub her feet and hands together, making deeply loud growls, while her inner eyelids uncontrollably fluttered. After a few minutes of the clear pleasure, her exoskeleton began to shine with a golden luminescence. In a powerful, guttural scream, she exploded with light.

The energy orgasmically passed through Linda and Jack. It was mind numbing, and as good as the best orgasms of their lives.

When his eyes finally focused on the hard shelled, alien Malinda, Jack exclaimed, “Holy shit! … I’m, I’m sexually attracted to you now, Malinda!”

At first amazed by Jack’s comment, Linda looked over with equal amazement. “Fuck! You’re really hot, Malinda! How is this possible?”

Malinda affected a smile. “It means you are completely compatible with our form of pleasure. The energy told your mind and bodies that I am a female that can give pleasure, and your mind and bodies understood. This means, if I’m careful, I can give you pleasure like any member of my race.”

Hands and feet still glowing and active, Malinda crawled over to them on all fours. She then placed her glowing hands on Jack’s throbbing cock and Linda’s we pussy. The hard yet soft exterior of the hands somehow enhanced the sensuality! She rubbed and stroked. While the pleasure was expected for Malinda, Jack felt their pleasure zones stimulated in an unexplainably joyous way. They all moaned and grunted, while the Humans’ minds turned to mush. It was almost too much for them, but they somehow handled it. In some ways, is was as good as any sex they ever had, but the different feel of it all is what made it so amazing.

“OH-Yah … I can feel how close you both are. I should be able to prolong it so we cum together. I don’t think I’ll be too much for you!”

She stopped moving her sexually activated hands, and began to pleasure with the glow alone. It flowed in a slow, distinct pattern. “Good … that’s it … Any moment now …” Malinda breathed.

Malinda’s whole body began to glow, while she closed her eyes. The energy implanted within the Humans began to make them glow from the pleasure like Malinda. Then, in near perfect time, they all exploded with pleasure in their own ways, while the light exploded out of all of them and into their lover’s bodies. They could feel the intermingling energy within them, enhancing the pleasure in the deepest of ways.

Linda and Jack almost couldn’t believe how bright they glowed. It soon faded, and they were all in a true afterglow.

“Now,” Malinda breathed. “I want you two to mate with me …”

What?” Linda barely asked in surprise.

“It’s not what you two think … We’re too dissimilar for the mating to be successful naturally. However … it’s still quite pleasurable — more so possibly, and I can make it work with two females and a male.”

“OK …” Linda agreed.

Malinda passively lay on her stomach with her apparent rear raised distinctly. “Linda, look at my lower back right between my hips. You’ll see a small, almost out of place section …”

“Yeah … It’s almost like a diamond shape, “ Linda breathed, feeling her arousal growing again.

“Good, Linda. Rub it gently until you see it start to come loose.” Malinda was so lost in the moment already that she no longer saw it as research.

Linda rubbed it lovingly, while already knowing exactly what she was about to reveal. Her eyes then went wide. “OK, Malinda, It’s definitely coming loose …”

“Yes, you’re a natural! Feels great … OOOH … Now, carefully push your fingers under the end nearest you. It will open like a hatch. Then, stimulate the tight hole underneath like the vagina it is like.”

Linda happily did as requested, the section lifted, still connected to Malinda at the top with flexible cartilage, and lay naturally above. Seeing the light orange, alien pussy, Linda slobbered all over her fingers, and began to rub the soft snatch. “Oh, yeah, Linda … That’s fucking awesome!” Malinda complimented. Linda soon added her lips and tongue to the flawless stimulation, making Malinda coo in tones so deep they were almost imperceptible to the Human ear. It certainly didn’t taste like any she ever knew — even if the flavor was explainable, but it was far from bad. Indeed, Linda rather liked it! Soon, Malinda’s body glowed subtly. “OK, Linda,” she breathed. “You did amazing! Now, Linda, bring your pussy to my face, and I’ll start stimulating you in a moment.”

Linda quickly crawled over, splaying in anticipation.

Malinda looked over to the mesmerized Jack. “I’m ready for you, Jack. Mate with me, while I’m still in the moment!”

Almost on a kind of learned instinct, Jack grabbed a new condom.

Before he opened it, Malinda corrected, “Put it aside for when you’re with Linda next, if you wish. You know you won’t need it with me!”

Jack placed the condom on the end table, and transfixed his eyes on the inexplicably more than enticing hole. He slowly inserted his throbbing member into cool, squishy hole of love. It felt nothing like a woman’s, let alone a hand. Yet, it was soft and inviting and tight.

“Oh, FUCK,” Malinda exclaimed. “You Humans are so warm, I love it!” It took some concentration, but Malinda began to stimulate Linda’s pussy with her mouth a fingers. Linda moaned happily at the wholly alien attention.

Jack slowly, experimentally began to thrust in and out. Soon, he thrust with a strong loving force. The flowing light along Malinda’s body began to follow the thrusts, until, suddenly, all the light flowed back into him in near orgasmic pleasure. It meshed with the light now rooted, making him glow brighter. He thrust back into her, and the enhanced light followed, making her deeply coo and growl in near orgasm. By the time he pulled back, the light was further enhanced by her. They flowed back and forth like this for several, painfully pleasurable moments. But soon, the energy flowed through them both at the same time, in an almost blinding glow.

By the time Malinda could no longer concentrate through the pleasure, Linda was fully stimulated, lightly glowing like Malinda was. Linda, too, helped to maintain that stimulation until it could be satisfied by Jack. She was so successfully stimulated that Malinda somehow sensed the wonderful Human was induced to ovulate!

Linda did not need to be maintained for long. At the point of orgasm for both Malinda and Jack, most of the glowing energy flowed to the crotch and pussy, causing Jack to painfully blow the largest load of his life.

Jack almost passed out, falling on top of the hard, breathless Malinda. He just couldn’t catch his breath!

“That warm cum feels so good … Now …” Malinda breathed though tiredness, “Slap on that condom, and do that with Linda … Oh, and on your way, would you mind closing me up?”

Jack grabbed the condom and rolled it on, before he covered up Malinda’s overflowing vagina. He looked over to the lightly glowing and masturbating Linda. The sight somehow refocused him, the new energy more than helping. Linda, imitating and adapting the teachings, flipped over to all fours, ass slightly risen. The flowing pleasure only made her want Jack inside her.

He crawled over, and stood on his knees. The fact that he always wanted to have sex with her doggy style was ironically lost on him right them. Masterfully, Jack thrust his cock into her dripping pussy. A part of him wanted to tear the condom away, but he overpowered that urge. Her light quickly started to follow the thrusts, as it did before, glowing more brightly every time it shifted bodies. They soon both glowed brightly with the same energy, and at the point of orgasm, the light flew into the exploding crotches.

Jack and Linda made out while the remaining glow slowly dissipated. They felt closer, more connected than they ever thought possible. They looked over to the half sleeping Malinda, and felt the same, improbable closeness. Jack tossed the condom, amazed at how it didn’t burst from the sheer volume in it. They cuddled with her, and pulled the blanket over them.

“I love how warm you Humans are …” Malinda muttered before they all passed out …

Malinda wiggled out from the warm embrace of jack and Linda. She sat for a moment at the edge of the bed processing the night before. Did she go too far?

“Morning, Malinda,” Linda whispered, jack still asleep. She felt incredibly close to her.

“Good Morning …” She quietly replied.

“Where you off to?”

“Going to slip into the Human suit. You like my real form, but a peeping tom might not.” She silently walked out.

Jack woke up a several minutes later, and kissed Linda deeply. They felt so close that they felt like they were almost one being.

“Where’s our favorite Martian?” Jack asked lightly.

“Dolling herself up as a Human. A little paranoid with reason, I guess.”

After tossing on some clothes, they walked to the kitchen for breakfast. Back in human form, Malinda quietly sat at the table looking over her digital notes. They both silently admitted they inexplicably preferred her true form, before each giving her a loving smooch in turn. They sat across from her.

“You all right, Malinda? You seem distant this morning,” Linda observed.

“I’m all right. My people just express emotions a bit differently: slight color changes mostly, if you can believe it!” She deeply sighed. “Firstly, I will come back. I have to.”

“What are you trying to say?” Jack asked concerned.

“I have more than I ever needed,” Malinda started. “Time to go home and present the findings.”

“But you’ll come back?” Linda simply didn’t want her to leave.

“The gold energy you experienced last night is called the Glow. You were so compatible with it that your nervous systems accepted it as its own. I suppose me eating your cum is a poor analog. When we mated, the Glow fully intertwined in us all. On my world, the next step is marriage.”

“Are you married, Malinda?” Linda asked a little confused.

“No,” she answered, affecting a smile. “It makes sense, you know. I chose you both. At some deep level I must’ve known you could mesh with me. I was so lost in the moment that we mated! … What I’m trying to say is love transcends into the physical in my race. Pleasure is pleasure, but when a Glow meshes with another, love is certain. We can’t live without each other for very long.”

“Is this gonna be a problem with your people?” Jack asked uncomfortably. He could feel a deep a love for her as he did Linda, so he needed to be sure Malinda would be OK.

“No, not really,” Malinda answered. “We study other cultures in the hope of bettering our own. Interspecies love is not unheard of. It’s only complicated with you, because we have strict laws against technological contamination. That means we’ll live on your world more than mine. An exception will have to be made for you to visit my world. We’ll get it, but it will take a while.”

“So what’s next, Malinda?” Linda asked.

“I’ll bend the rules by giving you a communicator, so we can be in contact. You just have to promise you won’t do anything else with it. The communication will allow us to be separate for the year, but no longer. I’ll present my research, and explain to the right people about our love. The Glow always takes precedence. Denying it in matters of love can be fatal. I will be made a permanent researcher of humanity. It’s the only option. I’ll live here most of the time, and normally report remotely.”

“How long will you be gone?” Linda asked, reaching out to Malinda’s hand.

Holding hands wasn’t in Malinda’s nature, but she made an exception for the Humans she loved. “A year, more or less. Time is difficult to calculate accurately with intergalactic travel. You know I’m not that kind of doctor!”

“You wanna ride to your ship?” Linda asked, holding Malinda’s hand tightly.

Malinda nodded, affecting a smile. “Can’t show you the ship yet, but I’d appreciate the ride …”