Blog Flash Friday and alternate cover art

Friday June 5th will see the next Blog Flash! It is called Taken by Her. Synopsis: A mature woman calls for an escort, and is surprised at who appears later that night.

On the Tome of Passions, I will be posting alternative cover art for Books I-VII at semi-regular intervals. This will be part of the lead up to ultimate Tome to be published in September.

Update on current and future publications

Though it should go unseen by the enduser, I am moving to a different account on Amazon. If there is any issue grabbing my free books there for the next day or two, that’s probably why.

I am still on track for publishing the Complete Tome of Passions by September. I am thinking it will be $6 flat or less, primarily based on the new material. That will include an alternate cover image within, the free Books I-VII of the Allurement Cycle, Book VIII The Final Cosmic Chronicles of the Terminus Cycle, and an expansive index of alternate and uncompleted stories and notes converted into Files From The Federated Police Force.

Also, I am considering publishing the Appendix separately for something like $1.99.

Within the next day or so, I will decide upon the next Blog Flash! Thus, starting the Fifth Series.

Adding new “Cycle” tags to Passions Multiverse stories

In relation to the Sept release of the the complete Tome of Passions, I’ll be adding new Cycle tags. They will identify the base theme of each story in conjunction with the stated universe. I haven’t yet decided how and if these tags will be included in the ebook.

This will briefly screw up the tag cloud for the Unbound Stories. There is no quick way to exclude multiple tags I know of