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About the Blog:

This blog posts fictional stories intended for mature audiences, and is flagged as mature by WordPress. There are also links to mature realms1.jpgmaterial. Mature material (sex, violence, lust, and drama) is intended for an audience 18 or older.

That material shall also have its own disclaimers at the top of the synonymous post.

For those who do not like my mature material, there are reviews, and other postings geared toward anyone interested.

All stories and reviews posted on this site are owned by and Copyright Mr. Potestas (me), except when otherwise noted. Postings on this site may be shared only for noncommercial purposes. Please, do not steal anything posted on this site.

About the Author:

Writing erotica is merely my hobby. I just do it all for fun! The themes I like to explore are Lovecraftian Weird Fiction (often Cosmicism), Mind Control, Science Fiction and Fantasy. Combined, I am essentially exploring Speculative Fiction.

My eBooks are found here and at Smashwords.

My older works may be found at the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive (EMCSA).

I also occasionally post reviews at the mcforum (registration required).

Time permitting, I am willing to consider story requests from fans under Other Minds. To make such a request, the form below may be used.

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