Supernatural/Escorts (Volume III)

Volume III

Supernatural Unbound*

The Vampire’s Heart
(Mind control, lesbian sex, male female sex, vampires)

The Return
(Mind control, male-female sex, foot fetish, transformation)

The Academy of Lust
(Mind control, succubus transformation, male-female sex, lesbian sex, anal, latex, lust, prostitution)

(Mind control, lesbian sex, transformation)

Escorts Unbound (Contemporary Dramas)**

A Very Personal Assistant
(Business, lesbian sex)

(Prostitution, marriage, male/female sex, anal sex)

Sex Toy
(Prostitution, male-female sex, masturbation, lesbian sex, foot fetish, latex fetish, spanking, anal sex)

Dirty Minds
(Incest, lesbian sex, male-female sex)

A Surprising Escort
(Incest, male-female sex, prostitution)

(Male-female sex, foot fetish, anal)

A Taboo Tease
(Male-female sex, incest)

The Academy of Escorts
(Lesbian sex, male-female sex, prostitution)

*The currently main mythos
**The secondary mythos, separate but canonical with both Supernatural and Sci-Fi

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