Next Blog Unbound!

Monday June 26 will see the next Blog Unbound!

Title: Harbinger of Darkness
Mythos: Sci-Fi
Synopsis: Elizabeth almost floated through life. She was by far not carefree, but lacked focus. Tipsy from a night of drinking with friends, she walked back to her nearby apartment. An odd shimmer at the end of a familiar alley caught her eye: a shimmering, floating blackness that was only to be the beginning.
Tags: Mind control, transformation, latex, male-female sex

As an update on the print edition of theLatex Machines, it is nearly ready to be released, which will happen next month at the latest. I will keep everyone posted!

Next Big Post!

So the past month had been far busier that I expected, but I am all but caught up now. The next unbound story will be posted Wed May 31! [A Taboo Tease should get cover art before then]

Title: theLatex Machines
Mythos: Sci-fi (standalone)
Synopsis: Expanded and reedited from prior Blog Flashes, the story follows the journals and research notes of multiple individuals involved in the study of latex-based nanotechnology. While 2067 had many forms of nanotech, the abandoned yet seductive research of Dr. Noah proved ahead of its time.
Tags: Mind control, latex, transformation, male-female sex, lesbian sex

PS — I do plan a print edition of this story, release TBD