Blog Flash: A Surprise

A Surprise

Something happened to me. Or is it still happening. Last night was such a blur, yet itself a surprise. I went to a nearby bar with my roommate, Sally. We rarely drank much, but wanted to get out of the apartment. We already had a couple drinks, before I was definitely thirsty for some real water. Looking back, I don’t think it was mine, but I picked up a glass of water off the bar counter. I chugged the sweetest, more refreshing water I ever had. FLASH

I was suddenly so fucking horny, like now. It was not a horniness I ever had before, yet I always thought horny was horny. FLASH

Images of hot and humid and naked woman fucking themselves and one another flooded my mind. How could I be so horny at such a thing? Lesbianism was far from abhorrent to me, but I’m not a lesbian! Yet, there I was, thinking of fucking hot and bothered women. Even worse, I was looking at other women around me, including Sally, in the hungriest of ways. FLASH

In my drunken, horny haze, the next thing I knew I was in the back of some stranger’s car fucking. I was wasn’t just fucking anyone. It was a fit figured, tall, brunette woman with blue eyes. Her humid pussy felt so fucking good on mine! FLASH

We were scissoring wildly, her deliciously silken foot so deep in my mouth that her toes tickled the back of my throat. Our escaping pussy juices mixing gloriously, before splattering on the seat below. The car wiggled along with our hungry thrusts. Thoughts were almost primal then; all I wanted to do was cum. The pleasure grew and grew, as sweat dripped from our brows. Then, a raining, exploding orgasm. FLASH

The next thing I knew I was awake in a cold sweat in my own bed. No one else was there, as I was not even wearing panties. Was last night real? I wondered, feeling as if I did have a massive cum. My pussy almost ached on the outside from presumably more friction than it ever handled. Clothing myself, I walked into the kitchen. The image of my slim, brown haired roommate was already there in a tight blue shirt and pinkish-red panties. I felt a growing thirst for her cum. FLASH

The rest of the night suddenly materialized in memory. After we came together — in a pool of our mixing sweat and cum, I proclaimed my newfound lesbianism. The mysterious woman then told me to pass on the sapphic gift to others, to confirm my new love of woman. All I wanted to do was to affirm, so I agreed. She took me home. FLASH

My roommate was curious about how I got home last night. I told her I got laid in the back of my car. I wasn’t sure if she believed me, but I didn’t care. When her back was turned, I shoved my fingers deep into my melting pussy, and swirled my moistened finger in her unprotected drink. She soon chugged down the drink with a look of total surprise on her face, and … FLASH …

Blog Flash: The Latex Machines — Reinvention

Author’s Note: This is the final part of the Blog Flash latex series and conclusion of Compendium 5. Links to Unbound Story: paperback ebook. Compendium five ebook coming soon!

The Latex Machines — Reinvention

I was walking down into the dim basement of a musty old house. This was a rare occurrence, and I felt an odd unease. The Chesterton Museum of Science and History just accepted a donation from the estate of Dr. Reginald Noah. It was considered a coop. Though the medical scientist was considered a recluse later in life, he was a top scientist at the Landry Research Institute, which bankrupted itself nearly fifty years before. The organization never disclosed why the collapsed, but it was assumed they failed to create a mass production solution to their practically fabled latex-technologies.

The stairs creaked uncomfortably beneath my feet. No one administering Noah’s estate put any effort into helping us acquire the donation, but they said Noah meticulously organized his storage and home. So, we were given Noah’s personal inventory, which made it possible to determine what the small museum would accept. Unfortunately, I was the only one available, as the collections manager, to gather the items.

The basement was not so shockingly musty, and annoyingly dim. The old florescent lights merely flickered into partial existence, while the dying light of clouded dusk filtered through the small windows. What first caught my eye were the walls. The dark gray paster (cement?) walls had distinct, unnerving patterns. In the gloomy light, I could all but make out humanoid patterns, sending chills down my spine.

Wanting to complete the task at hand, I looked away and slipped out my paper-tablet with the haphazard inventory. Crates and boxes marked red were from Landry, blue were personal projects, and green were simply “journals unpublished.” Ignoring the wall, I began the arduous process of moving the containers into the rent-a-van 

“Wow … wow!” my wife and museum’s consulting biomedical scientist exclaimed. “I guess we now know what Landry was really working on!”

I was showing her the first hard drive I was copying into a new storage medium. From the red box, it contained correspondence and typed notes of the the initial testing of and first subject for his “latex nanites.” There were some related handwritten materials I was digitizing, too.

“So, Lia, this isn’t just some wild scribblings?” I must admit, the first thing that drew me to her was her body. She may very well have been the sexiest scientist alive, at least to me. She had size nine feet, dark hair, blue eyes, and light skin. She was also a hell of a lot smarter than me!

“It’s amazing, Jason! These notes alone could revolutionize nanotechnology!”

“It’s better than what we have now?”

“No, it’s just different. These findings, combined with current tech, can reinvent the entire biomedical field.”

She loved her work, but I never saw her this excited. At the same time, I was excited, too. The work was so seductive, I almost forgot one important fact. “They did fail to mass-produce …”

“Applied to what we have now,” she shrugged, “that might be irrelevant. Nanotech has been applied to medicine for years. People still have a reluctance to put little robots in their bodies, so the money for advancement is very low. But, Noah’s research was already conducted. All we would need to do is to apply it …”

I don’t know why neither of us ever stepped back to look at what we were doing. We were working on this latex project on our own time without living test subject, so there was nothing illegal about it. At the same time, no one else actually knew what we were doing. I wasn’t sure how to explain to others what we were doing if something went wrong …

After a few weeks of tinkering, we, well, Lia was fairly certain she succeeded in adapting Noah’s work to current nanotechnology. Basically, she was able to make the little machines survive indefinitely in a natural latex substrate. It was not far off from what Noah created, but it was possibly smarter and more “alive” than the original. Lia theorized this form allowed more control over them, because it was not unlike the control schemes applied today.

Then it happened. It was so fast, there was nothing I could do. She called for my help from across the room, and broke a vile of the living latex on the edge of the high workbench. Glass cut into her skin, as the shimmering liquid spattered on her hand. Why the hell were we using glass instead of something less breakable? I was sure Lia knew, but it was too late to ask.

I rushed over. “Are you OK, Lia!?”

“I … think so …” she said slowly, examining her cut thumb.

“Is any of that stuff in the wound?”

“Yeah … It looks like it,” she said in deep thought. “I did not program them to do anything, but these nano-machines are fundamentally different.”

“They’re … exactly the same?”

“The core programing is … same … My hand is getting very tingly, Jason …”

Then, she did something that completely surprised me: she hungrily, sensually licked the black goo off her gloved hand. “Ummmm! So good … So horny!” she cooed. “Feels so hot!” she exclaimed through the grunts and coos. She then ripped off her clothes, including her gloves “I can feel them inside me, Jason, replicating. They’re pleasuring all of me; changing me!”

Moaning and cooing orgasmically, she went to the floor on her knees, and fell to her back. Her eyes rolled back into her head in her writhing motions of ultimate ecstasy. Something strange was visibly happening to her skin. It looked like it was drying, while her veins shifted to a black. Yet, her skin seemed to lift above those veins; it became lighter, dryer. Then, she exploded in one massive, super-orgasm, and fell silent, still.

I quickly slapped on a clean glove, and tried to check her vitals. Nothing. She lay there lifeless, eyes shut, while I had no idea what to do. I don’t know how long I sat there looking at my wife turned mad scientist. There was only shock, exacerbated by how dead even her skin looked. Time passed like it was never there. Hours likely passed, but I was in too much a daze to know.

Eventually, I heard an squishy, crunchy noise. I must have jumped five feet! Heart racing, barely breathing, I looked more closely at Lia. Her shoulder seemed to be subtly squirming under its own skin. Little by little, more parts of her began to squirm in the same way. The image and sound of it was almost as indescribable as it was terrifying.

“Lia!?” I barely, finally called out. Gloved hand shaking, I tried to take her pulse. I could fell her moving, yet I could not feel what would be considered a pulse. Through the bizarre squirming, I felt a motion in the vein I did not feel after she exploded in deathly orgasm. The motions of what I thought was blood was seemingly constant without a pulse. With every noted subject in Noah’s notes reacting in their own way, regardless of application, it was impossible to say if any of this was to be expected.

I pulled myself away in great confusion. Lia’s hands then spread wide, popping open the thick, dead layer of skin. She then stretched her entire body in a similar fashion, creating tears from head to toes. In hauntingly efficient motions, Lia moved her pealing hands to her face, while simultaneously lifting herself to her feet. Digging in with her fingers, she began to rip open her skin more deliberately. With that same haunting efficiency, she made a singular tear down the middle to her pussy, almost like unzipping a jacket. She then brought her hands back to the top of her partly opened face, and pealed away the thick, dead skin from her scalp, including her hair. Like she was some humanoid banana, she pealed the skin off on one side, and then the other, all the way down to her hips.

The skin revealed underneath was nothing short of perfection, and had a distinct rubbery shimmer. Almost like pealing off tight leggings, she pulled her legs and feet out of the old skin. I quickly noticed the small heart tattoo above her waist was gone, just before I realized her eyelids came off with the dead skin like her hair. Even her pussy lips were gone, leaving just the hole.

Lia looked around emotionless for a few moments before eyelids grew over her eyes (no eyelashes, though). She blinked twice, looking at me, and simply didn’t blink again. It was as if she was proving something to herself.

“Lia … are you all right?” I barely asked, before standing before her just past arms length. I had no idea what was to happen next.

With zero emotion, she said flatly, “Jason, that is a hard question to answer precisely. I am … fine. You have nothing to worry about from me.”

“You’re acting very strange. I mean, you have no hair!” I exclaimed, finding myself relaxing slightly.

“You would like me to have hair, Jason? How would you like it?”

“Um …” No matter how emotionless she suddenly was, it was somehow still her. “I guess, shoulder length, slightly wavy. Some eyelashes, thin eyebrows.”

“I must mention, Jason, that my hair strands can only be rubber, no more than Human hair in appearance. Would you like it jet black for a slight change? I can do any color you wish”

“Yes, black sounds nice”

“Would you also like hair over my crotch as another change?”

I considered it, but instead requested, “No, but pussy lips would be nice instead …”

“Done, Jason.” Her hair grew out exactly as requested, as did her pussy lips

Without thinking, I moved closer to touch her new hair, it was soft and silken, but also definitely rubber. I moved my hand to her cheek, feeling her soft yet very rubbery skin.

She had no reaction to my touch.

I stepped back. “You’re not Human any more are you, Lia?”

“No,” she said flatly. “I am more akin to a robot, machine now, Jason. I have no emotions anymore, and I seem to not miss then. Deep down, I think this is what I always wanted. I have total control over my physical form now, thanks to an equally as dispassionate colony of the latex nanites within me. Those nanites are as much a part of me as any body part. Before you ask, Jason, I should be able to replicate humanity from my memories as a Human.”

“Do you, can you still love me?”

“Of course, Jason,” she said in her robotic tones. “I understand now that ‘love’ is more akin to a promise that creates emotion and action. In my case, now only action.”

“I’m as relieved as I am …”

“ … Overwhelmed with distress. I understand, Jason. This, what I became, is not what you wanted. I assure you again that I can pretend to be Human, and I will understand if you would like to move away from all this.”

I nodded …

The next day, I relegated most of the Noah Collection to interns, not wanting to go any further as Lia surmised. I had Lia use myself as practice for feigning humanity, so I could at least pretend to move on from whatever madness drove us to this …

Blog Flash: A Love Out of Time

Author’s Note: This surprise Christmas special applies a time travel concept that is not necessarily new, but seems rarely used. I may write a larger story to expand this or the underlying concepts. The following narrative is based on a non-erotic dream I had, particularly the implications at the end of it. Enjoy!

A Love Out of Time

I did it. I actually did it! I changed my past. It was a long story that accidentally led me to to a means of time travel. I don’t understand all the intricacies that made such a ludicrous thing possible; all I know is what I did with it. No one said I was allowed  to do it, but I knew there was nothing to go back to anyway. There was no way to go back to that timeline now, even if I could. I would likely just find another version of myself doing whatever a couple years from now. Technically, that’s how it already is. All I planned to do was sign one piece of paperwork I missed, but I also found myself dodging a former boss and meeting myself.

My past self was a little different. It was a long two years. Physically, I was not that different. I, we were five feet and nine inches, and D-cup breasts, long legs, size eight feet, blue eyes. Her hair was straighter and a bit blonder, while mine was its natural and wavy light brown. I was a bit more athletic; I came back to the time when I started to develop that athletic physique. That’s not to say I wasn’t already sexy. In some ways, I never thought about how sexy, arousing I was until I got to see myself in the third person! Is that narcissistic or incestuous? We were practically sisters, but she was literally me.

I was going to meet myself at the casino she now practically ran. Originally, that paperwork problem allowed the original owner to kick me out. The board subsequently kicked him and the Chief Financial Officer out for embezzlement. The casino went bankrupt soon after. Now, he was still kicked out, but the properly signed paperwork kept me in the board’s mind. That paperwork ensured I, well, she was their chief accountant, and was promoted to CFO. To my surprise, they decided in the next board meeting to have her be the acting CEO. She was to retain the CFO position once they hired a new CEO. There was to be no mediocrity this time.

Anyway, I just had to see her. What the hell else was I going to do? I now existed on a quantum technicality! She was working up at the entrance to the casino, fixing some kind of issue. It was busy, so I slowly made my way through. She looked so beautiful in her teal blouse, black pants, and supportive flats.

“Oh, hey, Jan!” she said somewhat tiredly. That was her nickname for me; it certainly negating some confusion.

“How are you, Janice?”

“Should be asking the same of you!” She put on that sarcastic smirk that meant both a tease and truth. “I’m out about 500 bucks on that new health insurance, by that’s about it. Wanna help me with that, too?”

I put on the same face. “Sure.”

I walked onto the casino floor. Perhaps the biggest thing that separated me from Janice now was how I learned to the best ways to gamble without breaking any rules or counting cards. That kept me alive for a good year after I was kicked out by that embezzling CEO. I waited for someone to loose a few times in a slot machine, casually dropping some quarters. One near the front was then prime for that monetary goal. I fed the machine five bucks, and it vomited a 500 dollar voucher. They were experimenting with alternates to chips. It did not last long the first time around.

I cashed out, and walked back over to Janice. It always amused me that I looked different enough from myself in this time that others assumed I was just her long lost sister, if they were paying attention. I admittedly wondered for a while after everything, but she still made sure I had no issues.

“You knew I’d get that exact amount, didn’t you?” I asked slyly.

“We know each other so well.”

“When do you get off?”

“Here’s the key to my apartment. Be up there in half and hour. I wanna really thank you for what you did for me, Jan.”

I quietly lay on Janice’s comfy bed barefooted. Who knows what was about to happen, yet I knew what I wanted to happen. It was so strange, but everything in me knew it felt right.

“Hey, Jan, where are yah?” she called calmly. “Got some Irish whisky! Something tells me that’s your favorite.”

“In here!” I called back. “Excited and thirsty, Janice!”

She walked into the room with an almost fascinated smile, bottle and glasses in hand. “You’re not gonna turn into some weird perv on me, are you?”

“You first!”

We laughed. It was not like we were thinking the same thoughts at the same time, but we did already know each other intimately.

She filled the glasses, kicked off her shoes, and lay next to me.

I took a glass from her.

“You sacrificed everything for me,” she said lovingly.

“You would have done the same.”

“Well, things are different now.”

“All that matters is now.”

It was a natural thing, in perfect sync. We kissed deeply lovingly, holding each other tightly.

We finished our glasses almost at the same time, and said in near perfect sync, “I have been waiting all my life for you …”

I was sure we thought the same thing in that moment, how strange and right it felt.

“I’m in love with you …”

We slowly, lovingly removed our clothes, kissing our bodies at random intervals. It was almost like looking into a mirror, except we did not look exactly alike. There could not be any disappointment in our bodies: she was already making herself healthier, as I was already proud of how well I took care of myself. We were beautiful women who already loved ourselves long before we really understood it.

We both knew what we wanted in love making, so we did it. Our kissing became more energetic, as did our groping. Knowing she deserved to take the lead first, I lay back. She kissed her way down to my nipple and lower, while I cooed excitedly.

Beyond all thought, I suddenly sat up and grabbed her head to aggressively make out more. She then lay back for me to take the lead. I straddled my we crotch over her hungry mouth, as I leaned to her. We wildly ate ourselves out hungrily, joyously. I was sure she also flashed back to all the times we masturbated, and how we did not want to admit we liked it better than sex with others. Her pussy was just like mine, as mine was just like hers. We were finally having sex the way we always wanted, yet never understood.

Our moans and coos were loud and true, while we groped ourselves wildly. I then unmounted, and lay back to have her penetrate my pussy and ass. She got the idea, and with a big  smile, she bared down on my love holes with her fingers and mouth. With three fingers, she instantly found my G-spot, making me moan and coo louder than I thought possible. She licked and thrust into my ass and pussy, making me squirm in my coos. She then gave me a quick, wild peck before resuming her work below. I was basically orgasmic, but all I wanted was for us to make more love. I soon found myself groping and fingering her dripping pussy, making her yet more excited in her on me.

She then shifted to grind her pussy on mine. We stared into our identical blue eyes, cooing loud and true. With then finally came in the truest of orgasms. There was no past; there was no future. There was only us …

Blog Flash: The Latex Machines (Beta Test)

Blog Flash: The Latex Machines — The Suit (Beta Test)

The doorbell suddenly rang. I was in a daze, my nap just hitting its depth. Bleary eyed, I casually walked over to the front door, and pealed back the curtain over the door’s window. A brown delivery truck drove away before I could catch its name. They left a plan brown package on the stoop.

I opened the door, and brought in the packed confused. I hadn’t ordered anything that I remembered, but the address was indeed mine, albeit missing my name (Julie Tanner). The sender was listed as Wonder Rubber Accessories, inc. Though the common shipping company was clearly listed on the shipping label, I didn’t see a receipt or return slip on the outside of the innocuous box. Was it inside?

Googling the company yielded no results to my surprise. Though, a website wasn’t clearly listed. I called the shipping company, BUS, but they said my only option for a return was via the Wonder Rubber, even though they “sympathized” that the item was apparently shipped to the wrong person. Indeed, I remember giving an incorrect address online a while back, and had no way of fixing it when I realized it, loosing fifty bucks! BUS did, however, admit that the box’s labling (lack thereof) was unusual, and claimed they would investigate further. Either way, I appeared stuck with the mysterious item.

After a quick lunch, I found myself staring at the box. Maybe it was boredom. Maybe it was blind curiosity. Maybe I wanted to find that return slip. Maybe it didn’t matter. I quickly cut open the box. The deep smell of fresh rubber hit my nose. I didn’t mind it, nor was it a surprise. A paper on top read:

Congratulations on your Wonder Rubber purchase! Our latex products are all natural, and made from our own special variety of rubber tree. Enclosed, please find your very special purchase, and our complimentary all natural lubricant!

I removed the lubricant. A subtle flowery, lavender scent came from the black bottle with a directions label. I then removed what appeared to be a complete, black latex outfit, designed to encase the female wearer completely from head to toes.

I placed the fetish-wear on the table next to the box, and picked up the sweet smelling bottle. While curiously reading the label, I could not deny how good it smelled!


Apply oil liberally over entire body before you put on the clothing. Oil must be applied directly to skin.

Almost uncontrollably, I opened the bottle, and let in its glorious scent. It was as if the oil was making love to my olfactory senses! It melted my mind. I poured some of the delicious juice onto my willing hand, and rubbed my hands together. It was warm and inviting and tingling. I poured more of the warm liquid into my palm, and rubbed it into my face. My senses exploded with passion, and when I automatically licked my juice covered lips, the pleasure was like an explosive flash.

I lost all conscious control, and my hands apparently moved on their own. In my numbed vision, I saw them rip my clothes away. They then slowly, passionately rubbed the hot, sexy liquid all over my body in a blur beyond pleasure. My skin absorbed it, as it made every part of me slick and shiny. I could barely keep any track of what was happening! When I was apparently done, the empty bottle was thrown aside.

My entire shining body felt alive with passion. After an erotic eternity, I found my heated skin somehow screaming to be embraced by the latex before it.

In what was at least partly of my own will, I took the suit in my hands, and rolled up the legs. I slowly, teasingly rolled on the rubber pant. Seeing and feeling the tight rubber on my wanting skin sent further waves of pleasure through my body. Rolling it up my legs and feet, I drooled how it impossibly conformed perfectly to my body, like it was reshaping itself. I soon stood, pulling the suit up and around my waist, my torso, my chest. So tight, so right! My hands and arms soon found themselves happily within the very tight rubber. I zipped up the back, tightening it further.

I looked down to see the extraneous rubber designed to go deep inside my ass and pussy. I lifted my leg onto the table, and forced them into their holes. The pleasure of it made me care little about how easily my fists fell into myself. I then sat, and pulled the hood over my head, and automatically shoved the extraneous rubber into my mouth, jaw almost dislocating to accommodate my fist.

I fell into complete, orgasmic ecstasy in the shiny blackness. My skin grew so hot it almost seared, but the feel of the latex somehow tightening further overwhelmed me with pleasure. The suit was encasing my very mind, and I let it. Holy fuck! I let it take me over! I somehow knew it was taking away my humanity, replacing it with some rubbery substitute, but the beyond orgasmic feel of it made me not care.

Fuck my humanity! I shall be more! I shall be all!

In a daze, I slowly opened my eyes. I felt utterly different. I’m not sure if I could explain how I felt, other than how I didn’t feel Human. I slowly stood, instantly noticing the feel of my tight yet somehow normal skin, and walked to my tall mirror open mouthed.

At first there was surprise. Though the image felt right, it was not the image I was used to seeing! The whole of my skin was now latex. My torso, chest, arms, and legs were now a shiny black, while my head, hands, and feet were a flesh tone. The one thing more remarkable was my mouth: distinct upper and lower fangs glistened. What they were for was as undeniable as my transformed hunger: blood …

I called my fiend Kasey over. She was the first tome come to mind. I was starving for sex and blood …

“You look different, Julie. Good, but different.”

“Thanks, I feel great …”

Julie was so horny and hungry that she was in no mood for serious pleasantries, barely keeping her virgin fangs retracted. She began to rub her friend’s bare inner thigh.

“What, what are you doing?” she breathed. “Your hand feels like rubber, Julie … Oh, wow …”

Julie’s naturally excreted oils from her hands invaded her friend’s pores, and made the woman putty in Julie’s rubber hand. They soon ripped their clothes away, and grinding their pussies wildly. Kasey certainly knew much of the extent of Julie’s rubbery nature now, but was too lost in the throws of rubbery ecstasy to care. She could not swallow enough of Julie’s latex spit! Julie provided, all but spewing her spit into her friend in a deep kiss.

At the point of wild orgasm, Julie lost all control, and plunged her long fangs into Kasey’s plump neck. She drank heartily until it began to taste of rubber. Satisfied, she let her friend finish her own latex transformation.

Julie was running on what felt like programing at that point, and certainly wasn’t programed to care. She dialed a number, which just came to her, on her cellphone.

“How has been your experience, Beta Model?” a woman Julie already knew as “Latexica” queried.

“Glorious and smooth, Latexica,” she said flatly. “I became vampiric once fused with the latex. I fucked and fed on my friend, and now she is becoming one of yours as well.”

“Fascinating! I will await that next Beta Model’s call …”