Halloween Blog Unbound!

Tuesday Oct 31, Halloween, will see the next Blog Unbound!

We are now shifting into Volume III, which will incorporate Escorts Unbound more than than the prior Volumes. It will have a more linear timeline, but the journey may not necessarily be as cohesive.

Title: The Heart of a Vampire
Mythos: Supernatural
Synopsis: Lilith slowly worked to change the race she regretfully abandoned. The key was the heart of a powerful Vampire, whose aggressive independence was hard fought.
Tags: Mind control, Vampire, male-female sex

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Mr. P

Blog Flash Compendium V!


Blog Flash Compendium V is now available free via Smashwords. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/752614

I am also currently working on editing the paperback for Sci-Fi Unbound: Unbound Stories Volume II. It will likely released this month via Amazon/CreateSpace. As part of the release, Volume I will receive some some minor adjustments, primarily formatting, to be released around the same time as Volume II.

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Mr P