This month’s Unbound Story!

Dec 25 will see the next Supernatural Unbound!

Title: The Return
Synopsis: Joanna disappeared not long ago. The police never found her body, let alone car. No one was officially implicated in her disappearance and assumed death. Her fiancé desperately sought closure, and stumbled upon a Witch willing to help.
Tags: Mind control, male-female sex, transformation

On a related note, I plan at some point in the not too distant future to release updated editions of the printed Unbound Stories. This will likely occur in tandem with with print release of Supernatural Pt2.

As I have updated the Universal eBooks Page, I am considering other significant overhauls of this blog as well. The theme will likely stay the same, but I may move it away from the blog layout to a more standard website with front page. So …

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Next Blog Unbound!

Monday Nov 27 will see the next Blog Unbound!

Title: Academy of Escorts

Mythos: Escorts Unbound

Synopsis: An agent for Nevada’s Bureau of Brothel and Escort Licensing, young Hannah Harker was tasked with investigating the Academy of Nevada Escorts. The state’s licensing laws did not fully define how such a school should be regulated, not a true brothel, but were allowed to fully license their students. After allowing a provisional brothel license to allow for more advanced training, the licensing bureau became concerned over vague reports of personality changes in their students. Undercover, Hannah enrolls in the academy …

Tags: Lesbian sex, male-female sex, prostitution

Next Blog Unbound

The next Blog Unbound will be posted next Friday the 29th!

Title: The Shimmering Black Chaos of the Harbingers
Synopsis: The second part of Harbinger of Darkness — and concluding chapter of nonlinear Sci-Fi Unbound, the story follows the climactic battle between the new Inter-world Alliance and the nameless “Harbingers.” The war quickly turns against the Alliance, as the Harbingers show abilities that have no obvious defense. What sacrifices and revelations must be made to fight chaos itself?
Tags: Male-female sex, lesbian sex, mind-control, transformation

As an update on the Blog Flash Compendium 5’s compilation, I plan to work on that in earnest the first week of October. So …

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