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Note to readers: All my ebooks available at this blog are free, as are most ebooks available at Smashwords. Wordpress doesn’t currently support uploading ePub documents. PDF documents will be uploaded on WordPress until this changes. If an ePub or other format is desired I may be contacted through the form below.

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The Fresh Scent

The Fresh Scent

Synopsis: A supernatural tale. A regular private detective with big ambition suddenly finds himself protecting a mysterious woman from murderous Vampires

Tags: Vampires, mystery-suspense, mind control, male-female sex

A Very Personal Assistant

A Very Personal Assistant

Synopsis: A contemporary drama. A young woman becomes more than a personal assistant of a chief operating officer at a private investment firm in Nevada

Tags: Contemporary drama, business, lesbian sex



Synopsis: A contemporary drama. A wealthy couple admit to the reality of their failing marriage, and decide to do something to save it

Tags: Contemporary drama, prostitution, marriage, male/female sex, anal sex

The Demoniac Method

The Demoniac Method

Synopsis: A standalone sci-fi story. In the near future, a miracle drug was created by accident. Out of it’s transformative properties, the expensive, heavily regulated drug is most popular with actors. Thus, it is nicknamed The Method

Tags: Sci-Fi-near future, succubus transformation, male-female sex, gang bang, film industry

The Darkness Inside

The Darkness Inside

Synopsis: A supernatural tale. A shy woman is starting her sophomore year at her university. Beginning in a moment she will not know until it’s too late, her world darkly transforms around he

Tags: Mind control, male-female sex, lesbian sex, anal sex, spanking, foot fetish, demonic, love, lust, passion, transformation

The Demon (Night)

The Demon

Link to eBook

Synopsis: A supernatural tale. Ava Mendez lands a good yet very dark role in an upcoming miniseries with her as a Demonic Succubus. She studies extensively for her role

Tags: Mind control, demonic, succubus transformation, lesbian sex, male-female sex, lust, film industry

The Anna Drake (Day)

The Anna Drake

Synopsis: A supernatural tale. Jessie Crane lands the role of a lifetime as the antihero Succubus Anna Drake of a popular book series being adapted to film. Using her training as a method actor, already a big fan of the books, Jessie works to bring the Anna Drake to life

Tags: Mind control, succubus, transformation, lesbian sex, male-female sex, love, lust, passion, film industry



Synopsis: A standalone sci-fi story. A small group of young friends meet at a beach house they knew well for a Halloween party. The owner stumbles upon something strange before her friends arrive

Tags: Mind control, transformation, lesbian sex, male-female sex, anal sex, halloween


Sex Toy

Sex Toy

Synopsis: A contemporary drama. Ron jokes that it would be fun to pay Janice for sex, and she calls what he thought was a bluff

Tags: Contemporary drama, Prostitution, male-female sex, masturbation, lesbian sex, foot fetish, latex fetish, spanking, anal sex



Synopsis: A sci-fi tale. Jackie and her daughter Lana separately watch a rented video that was not as expected

Tags: Mind control, lesbian sex, incest


Of Lust

Of Lust

Synopsis: A supernatural tale. Lindsey recently met a mysterious man, while she finds herself changing in profound ways

Tags: Mind control, transformation, demonic, lesbian sex, male-female sex, incest


Wraith of Lust

Wraith of Lust

Synopsis: A supernatial tale. Monster Hunters Brandon and Ron call on their folklorist friend Jessica for aid in a series of unexplained sexual murders. As is the nature of their work, nothing goes as expected

Tags: Transformation, mind control, mystery-suspense, male-female sex, lesbian sex, wraiths

The Antique

The Antique

Synopsis: A supernatural tale. A still attractive, middle aged woman found herself in a lull in life. Her job as an accountant at the local auctioneer was lucrative yet unfulfilling. Everything changed when an inexplicably enticing antique catches her eye.

Tags: Mind control, succubus transformation, demonic, spanking, male-female sex, lesbian sex, incest

the Mercantile CircleThe Mercantile Circle

Synopsis: A Supernatural tale. Jason’s father made his family wealthy almost overnight, and was wooing his way into the elite local club The Mercantile Circle. Such money and power changed Jason very little, however, but his sister embraced it joyously. With his new girlfriend, life became different yet stable for Jason. However, some doors wealth unlocks are not what they seem.

Tags: Transformation, Male-female sex, lesbian sex, incest

Costume Party

The Costume Party

Synopsis: A Supernatural tale. This story follows Jack, who found himself drunk at his own Halloween party. He eventually meets a woman dressed as a Genie. Long synopsis short, wishes can come true.

Tags: demon, genie, Halloween, latex, lesbian sex, mind control, succubus,transformation, vampire


Dark Metal

Dark Metal (Hot Virus)

Synopsis: A supernatural tale. Jeff thought it was a coincidence that he realized his new incest fetish not long after finding some forgotten heavy metal single online. Music can be a transformative thing …

Tags: Mind Control, transformation, demonic, incest, male-female sex, lesbian sex, lust, anal, foot fetish

The Taste of Passion

The Taste of Passion

Synopsis: A supernatural tale. The story follows Hunters Jessica, Brendan, and Ron on a case allegedly involving a Demon General Marchosias, who is using heavy metal music to demonically transform a small town.

Tags: Mind Control, transformation, demonic, wraith, male-female sex, lesbian sex, incest


The Hard Path

The Hard Path

Synopsis: A supernatural tale. The story follows a mysterious affliction transforming people erotically and fatally in a small town. Wraith and Hunter Jessica calls upon a reluctant scientist in training for aid.

Tags: Mind control, transformation, wraith, male-female sex, lesbian sex, incest

A Distant ShadowA Distant Shadow

Synopsis: A Supernatural tale. A young woman is in the last days of her high school life, and begins to see and feel things she doesn’t want to understand.

Tags: Transformation, lesbian sex, male-female sex, demonic, wraith, love, lust

Dirty Minds

Dirty Minds

Synopsis: A contemporary drama. Kylie found herself growing closer to her mother after they both learned they were bisexual. The admission on Kylie’s part was based on an incestuous love triangle built by her cousin where she individually had sex with her parents. Kylie did not want any lies between her and her parents, while the chain of though was to become more profound.

Tags: Incest, lesbian sex, male-female sex

A Surprising EscortA Surprising Escort

Synopsis: A contemporary drama. Jason came home drunk and listless from his graduation party. Nothing happened but drinking, but he found himself to drunk to care. He hazily wondered into his sister’s room to make a life changing discovery

Tags: Incest, male-female sex, prostitution


Synopsis: A contemporary drama. Lena and Jason find themselves drunk one night, and decide to shed all barriers between them. They embrace the sexual revelations, transforming their relationship unlike any either had …

Tags: Male-female sex, foot fetish, anal

cosmic-glowCosmic Glow

Synopsis: A sci-fi tale. Malinda, a being from far away, came to study Humans, and learned more than she expected …

Tags: Mind control, male-female sex, lesbian sex, transformation, halloween

alien-rogueAlien Rogue

Synopsis: A sci-fi tale. It takes some inspiration from the Species film series, while setting up for coming stories in the mythos. At the end of the twenty-first century, the story follows a pleasure mad alien scientist is trying in vein to prove he could traditionally mate with a Human. The natural incompatibilities led to the deaths of multiple Humans. A joint team of both races work to stop the scientist before he causes further harm …

Tags: Male female sex, transformation


Madam Necromancer

Synopsis: A sci-fi tale. A CIA spy on a standard mission finds himself pulled into a horrific global conspiracy, not believing fem-fatales were real.

Tags: Mind control, male female sex



Synopsis: A sci-fi tale. Stan Jeriggo was a man that achieved everything, yet he felt as if he never achieved what he truly wanted. He finally came to realize that he had no idea what he wanted. For reasons then unknown, Jeriggo decided upon a path, through the power of dreams, that would bring him the sense of success he so yearned …

Tags: Male-female sex, mind control, transformation

a taboo tease

A Taboo Tease

Synopsis: A contemporary drama. The story follows Siblings Jason and Nicole, who never had the closest relationship while growing up. Now young adults, life gave them an excuse to become closer. That new closeness became more than their young selves ever would have thought possible …

Tags: Male-female sex, incest

The Latex MachinestheLatex Machines (ebook) (Paperback)

Synopsis: A standalone sci-fi tale. This short story is based on the Latex Machines flashes found on this blog. It has been expanded and restructured. The story follows the journals and research notes of multiple individuals involved in the study of latex-based nanotechnology. While 2067 had many forms of nanotech, the abandoned yet seductive past research of Dr. Noah proved ahead of its time …

Tags: Mind control, latex, transformation, lesbian sex, male-female sex

Harbinger of DarknessHarbinger of Darkness

Synopsis: A sci-fi tale. There are two distinct seeds for this story, which will be told in two parts. The first is Elektra, a very dark antiheroine from comic books, and the second is from an early draft of what became the Other Minds tale, Dark Seed.

Tags: Mind control, male-female sex, transformation

The Return of the TitansThe Return of the Titans

Synopsis: A sci-fi tale. While intricately connected the the rest of the Sci-Fi mythos, this story is not the planned second, climactic part of Harbinger of Darkness, which will conclude this narrative cycle. This story is actually a taking from multiple story ideas I’ve had, pulling them together to expand this mythos. It follows multiple individuals that are more than Human, and how their return from the shadows will rewrite the past and shape the future …

Tags: Mind Control, transformation, demonic, lesbian sex, male-female sex

the shimmering black chaosThe Shimmering Black Chaos of the Harbingers

Synopsis: A sci-fi tale. Directly following Harbinger of Darkness, this story concludes the Sci-Fi cycle. This story follows Cabal Master Jason, Rogue Queen Elizabeth, and others connected with the too young galactic alliance against the “Harbingers,” who created the half-alien Queens. The initial tools will prove to not be enough against the emboldened Harbingers …

Tags: Mind control, transformation, male-female sex

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